How BIG LOTS do representation for my bussiness ?

BIG LOTS first function is to represent the parent manufacturing company in the market where the product is being exported. In overseas market, the manufacturing company might not have any sales presence or market presence. The export house takes care of all that via representing itself as the main contact point for the manufacturer.

What are competitive and market intelligence ?

An export house not only carries out sales work or representations for the manufacturer, gathering market intelligence, competitive intelligence and the work of other competitors in the market is also a task carried out by the export house. This flow of information happens naturally via agents or distributors to the export house. However, it is important that the flow of information also reaches the manufacturer so that he is able to make decisions and change strategies as per the market.

Is procedures and documentation done itself ?

YES,In the export business, there are many procedures and documentation involved. Export is the interaction point of 2 different countries with 2 different laws and procedures. As a result, both laws and both procedures have to be followed by exports. In fact, more then focus on export, many exporters complain that their core focus is on documentation so that the export is not rejected or any problems do not arise in the target country. Also, export happens in large containers and the volume is huge. Thus, any export house which is improper with its document handling or procedure handling will not receive many orders from manufacturers.

What is market penetration for my business ?

Big Lots export houses are chosen on the basis of their market penetration in the target country. Each export house has a setup of agents and distributors. The more the market coverage of an export house, the more will be the market penetration. Hence, ensuring that they are present widely in the target country is a service which has to be provided by the BIG LOTS.

Is any manpower for Order management provided by BIG LOTS ?

YES ,Collecting orders, ensuring the papers are in place, arranging finance or taking care of credit, shipping, docking and undocking, labour and law issues – There are many things which take place in a single order when export is ordered. It runs like a well oiled machine and for this you require huge manpower. This manpower is provided by the BIG LOTS in each stage of the export.

What are Arbitration, Finance and credit ?

There are a few types of payments and handling which are used in export. In handling, One is FOB origin means seller is liable only till material is shipped. FOB destination means seller is liable till buyer receives the goods. In such cases, there is huge financial implications, arbitrations and credit terms involved. Such risks are borne by the BIG LOTS Export houses in many cases

What are advantages of using BIG LOTS Export houses ?

BIG LOTS Export houses are most important in the following conditions Lack of resources – When the parent company has a lack of resources which includes manpower, finance or know how to establish in the new country, then it will most likely use Export houses to do its work. Small-scale operations – If a large company wants to set up small-scale operations in a new country, then instead of training and recruiting a local team in the target country, it can simply outsource the task to an experienced export house in the target country. Expertise – Many time, even if the manufacturer has an in-house team overseas, still export houses might be used because of their expertise in this segment. This is very true for products which are highly technical in nature or which are controlled substances. Marketing – Manufacturers who are product oriented and don’t have the willingness or the desire to market themselves in a new territory might outsource the work to BIG LOTS export houses so that they can in turn expand.

How can I gain access to BIG LOTS ?

You can gain access to BIG LOTS and many other features by subscribing to any of our plans. We currently have three plans - GROW, CONNECT and CONQUER. You can choose a plan that suits your need.

How accurate is the information?

BIG LOTS provides accurate, reliable EXIM information free from bias. It gives access to priceless information on trade-facts that assist in strategic decision making.

Is it based on latest Export-Import data?

BIG LOTS provides you latest available information on foreign trade. It captures and updates data from various data sets, statistical data, company data, shipping manifests, bills of lading, shipping bills data, etc.

Is it easy to understand?

Using BIG LOTS is as easy as saying 1,2,3. It’s user-friendly, simple and straightforward analytical tool.

Can I find potential buyers for my export product using BIG LOTS ?

BIG LOTS gives you access to detailed profiles and purchase habits of buyers of your export products from across 192 countries.

Do you ensure that the buyer profiles are verified?

Yes! Each buyer’s existence is verified by a core team of analysts.

What can I infer from Sale/Purchase Basket analysis?

The Sale/Purchase Basket analysis helps you cater to the buyers’ entire basket of products and share quotes that could amount to greater trade volumes and values.

What can BIG LOTS do for my business?

BIG LOTS enables you to be at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of exports-imports. It ensures that whatever you get on your table or tablet is only useful, accurate information to assist in strategic decision-making. It saves you from precious hours and days, weeks and months spent on trying to understand & analyze industry trends & find genuine buyers overseas.

How is BIG LOTS different from other B2B sites?

Many B2B websites lead to unverified, irrelevant buyers wasting both time and money. Contrary to this, BIG LOTS helps you find potential verified buyers who could help you grow your sales. BIG LOTS gets you CONNECTed with...

  • Verified foreign buyers from a specific product category
  • Genuine buyers with a history of having recently sourced from India
  • Serious, B2B (Bulk), non-retail potential buyers of your product

How is BIG LOTS different from the data I get using search engines?

Generic product searches lead you nowhere. BIG LOTS is engineered on an algorithm based on ‘exactness’. Making informed, high-value business decisions is possible with an uncompromised understanding of consumer buying patterns information sets like monthly purchases, import baskets, detailed transactions, supplying markets, buyer-seller relationships (Nexus), etc. BIG LOTS helps you make calculated market-entry and expansion strategies.

Can I get a detailed report on the potential of the product?

Yes, with BIG LOTS you get access to detailed reports on the potential of a product across target markets.

When is the right time for me to deploy an analytics strategy based on BIG LOTS to my business?

BIG LOTS is useful for both aspiring and existing exporters and importers. It is a much-coveted opportunity to grow your business. So, the best time to deploy the analytics strategy into your business would be NOW!

I don't have advanced computer skills. Can I still use BIG LOTS export ?

Our user-friendly interface helps you access BIG LOTS with basic computer skills.

How can I analyze my competitors using BIG LOTS ?

BIG LOTS allows you complete access to business information about your competitors including who their foreign buyers are.

What are the different types of analysis offered by BIGLOTS ?

BIG LOTS is your means of extracting Trade Summary, Trade Peer Analysis, Competitor Maps, Buyer Maps, Transaction Analysis, Sale Purchase Patterns from the EXIM world. Seek out business opportunities with BIG LOTS that can make your revenues swell. BIG LOTS tells you not just the "who" and "what", but also the "where". It helps you understand markets based on consumer potential and buyer habits.

Can I pay for Connect License in installments?

No, we operate on a single payment mode for Connect License.

Can you provide references for BIG LOTS ?

No, we cannot provide references for BIG LOTS as it contradicts our data protection policy.However, you can view the testimonials of our clients on our website interface pannel .

Is the competitor analysis data legal ?

Yes, the competitor analysis data is legal it is researched by our core team of analysts. We give out information that complies with the law, is transparent and in line with the rights.

If I come across any unverified buyers in my connections will you replace them?

In a rare case, if you spot any unverified buyer in your connections list, we will replace them with a credit for adding another profile.

Why am I not able to see buyers from particular countries? (small countries)

The reason why you are not being able to see buyers from particular countries could be that there is no substantial market for your product in the specified country.

What are the various data sources for BIG LOTS ?

BIGLOTS is a combination of various data sets: Open government data, data from reputed sources such as WTO/World Bank, syndicated data from data partners, TDB proprietary data, etc.

How can I contact buyers ?

License holders of The BIG LOTS Conquer License have privileged access to Buyer contacts. Once a License holder unlocks & adds a contact to his account, that Buyer’s details are forwarded to TDB’s company verification team, who verify and provide the following contact information of a foreign buyer.

  • Email Id
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Social Media links (If any)

How many Connect License holders are there at present?

More than 1,000 organizations, ranging from start-ups to leading multi-national companies across India benefit from our unique global trade solutions.

Why is the buyer’s information not classified based on cities?

BIG LOTS classifies buyers based on countries. However further Buyer details, like city and more, can be found once the connections are made.